Creating Value Through Discovery in South America

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Lara Exploration (TSX Venture: LRA) is a well-capitalized prospect generator with a multi-commodity exploration portfolio focused in South America, with a substantial portfolio in Brazil, Colombia and Peru. Lara also holds 2 properties in the Yunnan and Qinghai provinces of China. The company's mandate is to create shareholder value by building a portfolio of tangible resource projects including advanced exploration, royalty and eventually mining participations, while at the same time keeping its teams focused on making a transformational discovery.

Experience shows that most exploration projects fail and are thus very high-risk as investments. Given this reality Lara’s business plan is to build a large and diverse portfolio covering various commodities and to seek joint venture partnerships wherever possible and as early as possible, in order to lower risk and leverage its investments.

Lara's directors and management are among the most experienced in South America, with both technical and commercial experience. Strong in-country managers and local relationships mean that our work is also efficient and cost effective.

Lara Exploration

Corporate Office
Address: Suite 414, 100 Richmond Street West,
Sheraton Centre, Toronto,
Canada M5H 3K6
Telephone: 416-703-0010
Fax: 416-964-0823
Christopher MacIntyre,
Vice President of Corporate Development

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