Creating Value Through Discovery in South America

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Corporate Profile

Intelligent Investment in Exploration and Acquisitions leads to Discovery and Value Creation.

Growing value per share by building a multi-commodity minerals portfolio. Lara is a prospect generator, dedicated to the identification, acquisition and exploration of precious, base metal, industrial metal, energy deposits and other resource opportunities in South America. We currently hold a portfolio of mineral properties Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Peru.

The Company’s strategy is to:

  • Acquire and advance projects through prospecting and early-stage exploration;
  • Find Joint Venture partners fund exploration and project development;
  • Deliver significant share price appreciation through discoveries.

Lara is building a large multi-commodity portfolio through growth and acquisition of new projects and opportunities and expects to be able to continue to add value and projects over time. Currently we have active exploration programs, funded by partners, in copper, gold, tin, coal, phosphates, potash, nickel, graphite and iron.

Lara Exploration

Corporate Office
Address: Suite 414, 100 Richmond Street West,
Sheraton Centre, Toronto,
Canada M5H 3K6
Telephone: 416-703-0010
Fax: 416-964-0823
Christopher MacIntyre,
Vice President of Corporate Development

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